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– Increased Endurance
– Increased Muscle tone
– Improved Balance and Coordination
– Increased Flexibility
– Improved Cognitive Function
– Better Sleep
– Stress Relief and….
– The Confidence of a World Champion

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Explore the Amazing Features You’ll Get in Our Once in a Lifetime

(5am Monday) Max Out Mondayz – Looking for a challenge? Kickstart your week with a powerful Full Body workout on Monday mornings. With a variety of exercises to target every muscle group, you’ll leave feeling stronger, fitter and more energised than ever before.

(7pm Monday) Ruff It Up Step Class Get in shape while partying. It’s all vibes with upbeat music and dynamic choreography that will get you to step, jump and groove your way to a healthier and more attractive you.

(5am Tuesday) Drop Down Tuesday Wake up and get an early-morning boost to jump start this day. With a combination of many lower body workouts, this class will help you build muscle, burn fat and increase strength. The name speaks for itself.

(7pm Tuesday) Ruff Xtreme – It’s time to push yourself to the limits. Come to the Ruff Xtreme class to find out what might be the most heart pumping session of your life…

(7pm Wednesday) Pump Your Peach – This one is for the ladies… Turn up the heat and get that peach popping. Take the glutes to the next level and achieve the curves you’ve always wanted. Get ready to feel good when looking in the mirror.

(5am Thursday) Sculpting Thursday – Everyone wants toned, rock hard, six pack abs. This is the perfect class to reveal those abs and achieve a leaner, more toned physique. You’ll be seeing real and lasting results in no time.

(7pm Thursday) Ruff Kickboxing – This high energy workout combines martial arts techniques with cardiovascular conditioning for a full body workout that will leave you feeling strong & empowered!

(5am Friday) Turndown Fridayz End the week strong with an ab killing workout. Start your weekend on a positive note and be ready to take on whatever it has in store.

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How These are The Perfect Classes for You

Everyone is trying to go into summer with a toned, slim body but very few of them get to achieve that.

We understand that getting in shape can be a difficult and emotional journey with many obstacles. It’s easy to fall off track when it comes to fitness.

Our trainers are passionate about helping you achieve your goals to see real results. We know that everyone’s fitness journey is different, which is why we offer a variety of workouts and exercises to cater to your unique needs and preferences.

But our classes are not just about physical fitness – we also prioritise mental health. You’ll not only get in shape but also reduce stress, boost your mood, and feel more confident and empowered.

Being a part of these classes means you become a part of a supportive community with like-minded individuals who are striving for the same goals you are.

And don’t worry, with us, you’ll stay accountable and motivated to stick to your goals.
So if you’re ready to make a change and build the body and mindset you deserve,sign up now!

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